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Enabling You To Live Your Business Dream

Whether you have a new business or an existing one, we help you shore up your  legal, insurance, financial, and tax (LIFT) foundation with the right agreements, insurance, intellectual property protections, and financial systems so that your day-to-day runs smoothly and helps you sleep better at night.

Then we shift the conversation to the biggest question of all: the all-important exit (and there is always an exit, either voluntarily or involuntarily). 

We will have an ongoing conversation throughout your life and the life of your business, exploring together what can we do today to ensure your business can and will continue to serve you and your clients no matter the situation. You will go on vacation, take a health break, perhaps become incapacitated, and pass away. You will know exactly what happens to your business during any of those events.

You appreciate guidance from a trusted advisor who gets it.

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New businesses
Growing businesses
Sole proprietors, partners, LLCs, S-corps
Service businesses, brick-and-mortar businesses, and online business
Real estate agents and teams
Consultants and coaches
Everyone in between if you have an idea you are working on, no matter how long you have
been at it

Whether you are just beginning or operating a well-established business, we can help you plan to avoid personal liability from your business.

We can help you with contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and anything you may need for your big or small-picture business operations.

Buying, selling, or forming a business is a big deal. Don’t do it alone. We can create a plan that avoids misunderstandings and conflicts.


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